The Email Marketplace for Advertisers & Publishers


The place to buy and sell premium, audience and remnant email inventory for branding, awareness and acqusition campaigns.

Programmatic buying - automating the campaign process so that there is no IOs or other paperwork

Buying at scale - choose multiple publishers and their data and we take care of the nuts and bolts of running the campaigns

Transparency - independent online reporting across different sending platforms, reducing account management time and providing a single version of the truth for both publishers and advertisers


Helping publishers to maximise the value of their data and supporting advertisers with cost effective services that maximise results:

  • Email Creative development
  • List Cleaning
  • Inbox Delivery consultancy
  • Campaign Management


The new platform for email monetisation

  • Email Sending Platform - with pricing based on delivered not just sent.
  • Inbox delivery monitor
  • Continuous spam filter monitor
  • Open, click and transaction tracking across 40 different systems
  • Managed or self-managed packages

To find out more,
please contact or call Suzanna on (0)20 7903 5314 or (0)118 979 4055